Why Drip Irrigation Makes Perfect Sense In Dry Climates

Posted on: January 30, 2014

Drip irrigation systems are incredibly popular in dry climates such as Austin, Tx and you can find them both in small personal gardens and even on larger industrial farms. That is because these systems are incredibly efficient and provide many benefits including water conservation and helping save money.

Saves Time

One of the first things people notice when switching to a drip irrigation system is that it can save a great deal of time. To get the same effects as the system, you would need to individually water each plant which could take hours depending on the size of your garden. The system, however, is able to automatically do this for every plant at the same time.

Less Water Waste

The reason that drip irrigation is so common in dry climates is that it is one of the best watering methods to conserve water. Instead of watering the entire plant, the system will focus directly on the roots. This means that each plant will receive the exact amount of moisture it needs, without any extra that is then wasted.

Less Evaporation And Runoff

Because drip irrigation systems only give plants the amount of water they need, there is almost no runoff and much less evaporation. Part of this is also due to the fact that you will not accidentally water the areas between plants, which could account for extra water which then evaporates or becomes runoff.

Slow And Uniform

Another great thing about drip irrigation systems in Austin, Tx is that they deliver the water in a way that is slow and uniform. The slow speed allows you to reduce the amount of water used (as mentioned above) by targeting specific areas such as the roots. The combination of speed with uniformity also means that you can further save on water as once you find an arrangement that works, you can keep following it.

Healthier Plants

In addition to saving water, slow and uniform water is actually much better for the plants. This allows them to grow at a consistent rate which in turn can lead to larger, healthier and more robust flowers, vegetables and even grass.

Saves Energy

The energy saved by using a drip irrigation system is similar to the time saved; that is because it can sometimes be the amount of energy that you as an individual spend individually watering each plant. Another thing to consider, however, is that drip irrigation systems do not need to be constantly run and will use gravity to help them get the job done. This combination means that you will be using less electricity than you would with another type of irrigation, such as a sprinkler system.

Controls Weeds

One final advantage of drip irrigation systems is that they can help you make sure that your yard or garden is weed free. Because the system will target the water flow directly to the roots of your plants, there will be less water between them. This means that the unwanted weeds will not receive the nourishment they need and be unable to grow. Instead of wasting your limited water in Austin, Tx on weeds, drip irrigation allows you to focus on giving your plants all the moisture they need.